Open Wings Pottery is high-fired stoneware that is very functional and ergonomically friendly. The “recipe” for our clay body was formulated by Thomas, after years of study in pottery, and experience with different types of clay. Fired to 2300 degrees, this clay body is very durable and versatile—all pieces are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Our goal is to provide every day, all day, useful pieces that are pleasing and interesting to the eye, and comfortable in the hands. We make or have made, most ceramic pieces available for the home. This includes tableware, bakeware, home décor, and outdoor creations. We also have mugs, luminaries, and other pottery pieces with U.P. logos.


We love to mix it up!!

The glazes(colors) that we use in our pottery range from pearl white and clear, to raspberry; many shades of blue; green and browns; to deep, dramatic raven. Combining certain glazes produces additional colors. Our most popular glazes are blue jay, fern, waterfall brown, and earth tone combinations. We have been experimenting with new glazes for several years, and always seem to find one more we need to try out! And, of course, all of our glazes are food safe and do not contain lead.