The alchemy from clay to pottery is a fascinating, multifaceted, and time-consuming process. Basically, there are 4 major changes that occur with the melding of artist, clay, kiln, & minerals: first, the clay is formed, then trimmed and dried; next, bisque fired; finally, glazed and refired.

The steps in pottery making are definite, yet variables are limitless; some are within the artist’s control, and some are driven by Mother Nature or the “Kiln Gods “. Forming is done on the pottery wheel (called “throwing”), or by hand building (pinching,coils,slabs), or by draping/shaping over a premade form. To produce pieces that are nearly identical, such as a dinnerware set, requires a high degree of experience and understanding of craftsmanship, as well as artistry.

Here at Open Wings Pottery we fire with electric kilns, which is cleaner, quieter, and results in more color uniformity than other firing processes.